Igor Ballo 

Русская версия

In 1993 in a movie theater "Plamya" Igor Ballo had opened a night club called "Zhar ptitsa" (now "Beverly Hills") on Kudrinskaya Square. It is one of the popular and famous places in Moscow. Popular Russian and foreign artists of the world show business were performing there. Igor has very good relationships with the most of them. You could see him with Grace Jones, Chris Rea and Julio Iglesias. This friendship discovered Igor's talent - he began to sing. Was it a whim or a caprice? Actually Igor is singing since he was a little child. His mother was sure that sooner or later her son will begin to sing. Igor himself diddn't take it serious.

In 1994, during the "Christmas meetings" consert in "Zhar ptitsa" club Alla Pugacheva told Igor that he should sing because he has an awesome voice. Gloria Geiner told him so too.

His first album, called "We are the men...", was produced by "Ars-Trade" company. His nice low voice was too manly for the modern "homosexual" show business. Igor's voice is very unique, he can sing bass and then take high tunes. This album was recorded at the studio of V.Osinsky. It's a professional work - Igor Ballo wrote all the lyrics; Konstantin Roshin and a leader of the Turkmenian band "Gunesh" Rishad Shafie wrote the music. It was a "jazz-rock" style. A famous Russian singer Igor Talkov recorded his album at this studio too. Some people say that both of them have the same music style.

On his first album you can find a patriotic song called "Russia". They made a video on this composition where they showed the chronics of the Russian lifefrom the Tzar time to our days. Also was made a video on the song "Don't be sorry" (the way Ballo sings reminds us A.Chelentano, Joe Cocker, Chris Rea, Joe Dassin and Barry White).

Igor became famous, peopel began to recognize him on the streets. He evn got fans. Now Igor is making a new video - "90x60x90".From the name of the song we can understand that it's about a pretty woman. This whitty song was written for him by Konstantin Roshin. Producers from the French "Fashion-TV" were amazed by Igor's voice and they suggest to make this new video. They had offered him a contract. Igor is a very busy man but he found a time to rehearse with the back vocal and a ballet.

Igor began to work on his second album and he promised that it is going to be great. He told that his second album is going to be more original and will include more dance music. They added a new sound, acoustic instruments and original lyrics. Igor told that the beauty of the voice is not in its power but in its timbre. You have to have a sencerity in your voice. Igor is not copying anyone, he's got his own style. Now he is the only "macho" in Russian show business. He is a man...

His debut consert was in Kazan. The concert hall was full of people; about a 1000 people came to his consert. But there were a 1500 people that couldn't get a ticket. The administration desided to put the big video screens outside the for others could see the show. It was not just a regular consert. The show was like in Las Vegas - models, smart back vocal, musicians and dancers. He got the audience in his hands!

Usually people think that if you are in a show business you are doing it for money. They always are making fun of those who say that you can self - express and be sencere on stage. Igor Ballo is planning to do a few charitable conserts all over the country. It means that he won't get any money! All the money from these shows Igor Ballo will give to the hospitals for the children.

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