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 Igor Ballo 

Đóńńęŕ˙ âĺđńč˙

Igor Urievich Ballo was born in 1954, April 12th. He is a creator and a self—perpetuating president of Moscow Association of faciants of the gambling business.

That is his initiative, energy and civil position allowed him to pull together almost all the gambling—houses of the city, to create an Association and to create a needed atmosphere among it's members; it assured a fruitfulness of the work of the Association and it's relationships with the Government of Moscow at the same time.

Besides, I. U. Ballo was an organisator and an inspirator of the edition of a "Big game" magazine, which not only fully reveals today's work of the Association and gambling—houses but considers the problem questions that are on the side of the industry. Aside from this, it is a very popular edition.

I. U. Ballo went into business in 1988, also he is doing works of mercy. Since 1994 till our days during the celebrating of the Orthodox Easter more than 3 thousands low—lived citizens of the Lomonosov municipal district of Moscow get the free food products.

In 1994-1995 I. U. Ballo gave a material support to a festival "Moscow chaplet of Friendship". In the framework of it the events of the permanent historical and cultural background which were patronized by the Federation of Peace and Unity (International non—governmental organization with a consulting status by the economical social Counsil of United Nations) such as: "New year of the Russian land", "Ukrainians in Moscow", "Traditions and customs", "Moscow Tartars. Affinity of times. Affinity of nations", "Slovenian songs—from Christmas to Epiphany","The wisdom of the world—Christianity in painting" (an exhibition of the young Armenian painter Ghevorg Nazaryan), "Gipsy under the sky of Russia", "Lesson of kindness", "Indian culture in Russia", "Assyrian New Year", "The soldiers of the Second World War—for the life on the earth" (in conjunction with the Moscow Korean society), "Russian Germen—the musical salon of Lidya Gotfried" took place in the capital.

I. U. Ballo made a substantial contribution in the reconstruction of the Christ the Savior cathedral.

By his initiative and with his material support the Church of Mary was built (Sharikopodshipnikovskaya st., 14.). He also had open an Assyrian radio station, which provided for the first time in Russia an invention of the Assyrian social and cultural center.

I. U. Ballo is one of the most authoritative and active businessman in Moscow.

Igor Urievich is interested not only in this area of his activity. At this time he's making a big set of musical and poetic, lyric and patriotic compositions. We hope that the Russian society will be able to acquaint with it soon.

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